Enjoy a moment of Kyoto Cycling

You can enjoy the beautiful Sea of Japan and delicious seafood cuisine along the Japan Sea coast.
An area with rows of traditional thatched-roof houses, preserving the original Japanese landscape.
The tea plantation landscapes that produce Japanese teas like matcha and gyokuro.
Why not experience Kyoto's abundant nature and its continuous history and culture through cycling?

Tango Chutan Nantan Kyoto-shi Otokuni Yamashiro

Cycling Routes in Kyoto

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In Japanese folktales, "Oni" appear from time to time.
Oni were sometimes feared as beings that harmed people, while at other times they were protectors of people...
There are many legends of such Oni in Kyoto.
Why don't you get on a bicycle and go on a journey to explore the lore of Oni?

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