Farm villages & Sea of Japan
Cycling tour to experience Japanese culture
and nature through all five senses

  • View★★★★★
  • History & Culture★★★★★
  • Level★★★☆☆
  • People
    2~8 persons
  • Number of Days
    4days or 5days
  • Price
    64,000 yen ~
  • e-Bike and equipment rental available

Cycling from Kyoto City to the Sea of Japan

Kyoto, the capital of Japan for a thousand years, remained the capital of Japan from 794 AD until 1869, when the capital was moved to Tokyo. Many towns were formed along the route connecting Kyoto to the Sea of Japan and still retain their distinctive features. It is also the best cycling route to enjoy Kyoto's nature and culture.

History & Culture
Visitors can visit shrines and temples full of historical atmosphere, and experience life in farming villages that have preserved the ancient lifestyle and landscape of Japan.

Kyoto and the Sea of Japan are the origin of Japanese cuisine and are blessed with the best ingredients. You can enjoy exquisite cuisine using local ingredients such as seafood, jidori (local chicken), ramen, and sake.

Kyoto, with its long and narrow topography from northwest to southeast, is blessed with a natural environment of mountains, forests, rivers, and the sea.

Japan's road environment is among the best in Asia, and the suburbs of Kyoto are especially ideal for cycling. Enjoy the scenery as it changes from the cityscape of Kyoto, to the farming villages, to the mountains, to the Sea of Japan!


Cross Bike
(±11kg, 10s~16s model)

(±20kg, 9s,400~500Wh model)

Support Car

Cross Toyota Hiace*
(8 seats)

*Additional fee required. See options section for details.

Going on tour

● Model course for 4 days and 3 nights

Day 1
Guided cycling in Kyoto (25 km)

Day 2
Self cycling to Ayabe (55 km)

Day 3
Self cycling to Miyazu (45 km)

Day 4
Guided cycling in Ine (25km)

● Model course for 6 days and 5 nights

Day 1
Guided cycling in Kyoto (30 km)

Day 2
Self cycling to Miyama (40 km)

Day 3
Self cycling to Maizuru (55 km)

Day 4
Self cycling to Miyazu (45 km)

Day 5
Guided cycling in Ine (25km)

* Dates, spots to be visited, and routes will be proposed according to the client's wishes. * Guided tours are optional except on the first and last day.

Kyoto City

  • Kamigamo Jinja Shrine

    The official name of this shrine is Kamowakeikazuchi Jinja Shrine. The shrine is dedicated to the deity Kamowakeikazuchi-no-mikoto, who is believed to bring good luck and victory. The entire grounds of the shrine are registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a "cultural asset of the ancient capital of Kyoto.

  • aburaya shokudo

    This restaurant is located in front of the gate of Kuramadera Temple. Soba noodles and rice bowls are available on the menu.

  • Kuramadera Temple

    This temple is the head temple of Kurama Buddhism. It is famous for the place where Ushiwakamaru (Minamoto no Yoritsune) practiced Buddhism as a young man and for the legend of the Tengu. At Kurama Station, the nearest station, a huge monument of a Tengu welcomes visitors.

  • Kifune Shrine

    Dedicated to the god of water, people have long prayed to this shrine as a shrine for praying for rain. The shrine is also known for its blessings for marriage and divorce.

Nantan - Chutan Area

  • Miyama Thatched Roof Village

    Miyama Town is home to many houses with Kayabuki (thatch) roofs, a rarity in Japan today. Among them, Kitamura is a village with 39 houses with kayabuki roofs, and there are lodging facilities, a café, an exchange center, and a museum in the village.

  • Kayabuki Inn, Matabe

    This kayabuki roof inn is located in Miyama Thatched Roof Village. Guests can spend a relaxing time in the quiet satoyama. For dinner, guests can enjoy a sukiyaki dinner of chicken raised in Miyama.

  • Cycling in Miyama Town

    Cycling in the beautiful nature of Miyama.
    There are several cycling courses in the town.

  • Furatto Miyama

    This farmers' market is located in the eastern part of Miyama Town. The storefront features fresh vegetables brought in every morning from local farmers, as well as rice and meat produced in Miyama.

  • Yura River

    The river begins at the border of Kyoto, Shiga, and Fukui prefectures, and 90% of its basin flows through mountainous terrain.

  • Kono Bridge

    The vermilion bridge over the Yura River stands out against the green mountains and is secretly popular as a photo spot.

  • Takematsu Udon Restaurant

    The restaurant is proud of its traditional handmade udon noodles, boiled in a wood-fired oven. There is also a terrace where you can enjoy the peaceful scenery.

Tango Area

  • create ebara silk & cafe

    This showroom features silk products from the "create ebara" silk brand.

    The Tango region produces 70% of Japan's silk products, of which the high-end silk fabric "Tango Chirimen" has long been loved by many people.

  • Ine Boathouses (Funaya)

    Approximately 230 houses are located alongIne Bay. The first floor is a warehouse for storing boats, and the second floor and above are residences.

  • Guest House Izutsuya

    This guest house stands so close to the Sea of Japan that you can walk 3 steps into the ocean. Guests can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and view of the Sea of Japan from their guest room windows.

  • Enjoy locally produced fresh fish and prepared foods

    Shopping at local markets and supermarkets is also recommended! You will encounter unique foods unique to the area. Especially in the Tango region, fresh seafood from local fishing ports can be found in stores.

  • Boat tour boat Kameshimamaru

    Tour the boathouses of Ine from the sea. You can learn about the history of the boathouses while viewing them. You can also take pictures from a superb view point. Fishing experience from the boathouse is available.

  • Cycling along the coast

    You can enjoy cycling in the open scenery along the Sea of Japan.

  • Nariaiji Temple

    The temple is located on Mt. Narisang, and from the observatory you can enjoy a panoramic view of Miyazu Bay and Amanohashidate. The temple enshrines Sho-Kanzeon Bosatsu (Bodhisattva of the Sacred Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva), which is believed to bring blessings of health, longevity, and good health.

  • Amanohashidate

    Formed by sand deposited in the inland sea of Miyazu City, the 3.6 km-long sandbar is home to countless pine trees. It is accessible by bicycle to the opposite shore.

Tour Details

  • Tour Title Farm villages & Sea of Japan ~ Cycling tour to experience Japanese culture and nature through all five senses ~
  • Schedule 3 nights 4 days, 4 nights 5 days
  • Meetup Kyoto Station, 10:00 a.m. recommended * Can be changed
  • Recruitment status Now recruiting
  • Price 1 person: 64,000 yen * Varies depending on the number of tour days, time of year, and grade of lodging. Same price for children and adults.
  • Fee includes
      Lodging (4 nights in Japanese style room)
      Meals (4 breakfasts)
      Cycling guide for days 1 and 5
      Urgent Support
      Baggage storage available, and shuttle service to the nearest station upon reaching the destination.
  • Not included in the fee Airport pickup and drop-off
  • Option Lodging (single room): + 16,000 yen/person
    Meals (4 dinners): ± 19,200 yen/person
    Support car & driver: + 32,000 yen/day
    e-Bike: + 24,000 yen/person
    Cycling guide (days 2~4): + 60,000 yen/day
  • Language support Cycling guided tours are accompanied by English-speaking staff
  • Personal belongings and other items Clothing suitable for cycling
  • Application Please submit the form at least 2 weeks prior to the departure date.
  • Cancellation Fee Up to 21 days before departure: Free
    20 to 8 days before: 30%
    7 to 2 days before: 30%
    The day before: 40%
    On the day: 100%
  • Notes Height 146cm or taller
    No long skirts
    We recommend bringing rain gear
    Light rain will be held; in case of heavy rain, public transportation or cabs will be used.

Tour Application & Inquiries

Please feel free to consult with us first!

●Information about this tour

【Name of Travel Agency】
Kyoto Kaido

【Registration Number】
Registered Travel Agency by the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, Region No. 733

1485 Tomari, Ine-cho, Yosagun, Kyoto

【Tour manager】
Kazuki Masuda

【Contact】 050-1743-3085

【Available time for inquiries】
(Phone) 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Japan time, (Email) All hours

【Languages available for inquiries】
Japanese, English

【Contract Type】
Non-accommodation/transportation portion: Directly with Kyoto Kaido Accommodation portion: Directly with lodging facilities Transportation portion: Directly with transportation facilities

【Payment of trip amount】
Advance payment by web payment at the time of application

【Cancellation Conditions】
Free up to 1 week in advance.

【Insurance & Compensation】
Damage to self and others caused by accidents or disasters will be covered by Kyoto Kaido and its contracted insurance agency when riding a bicycle or in a support vehicle, by the transportation agency when riding in a transportation vehicle, by the accommodation facility when staying overnight, and by the customer's own insurance when traveling on foot.