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7th Oct. 1, 2023Nov. 30, 2023
Event concluded
6th Jul. 8, 2023Aug. 31, 2023
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5th Apr. 1, 2023May 31, 2023

\ 7th /
Instagram photo contest held!
We look forward to your contributions!

Event Date

Oct. 1, 2023 ▶ Nov. 30, 2023

Preference for the 7th will be given to photos showing bicycle users (individuals, partners, family members, friends, etc.)!

The 7th Instagram Photo Contest has ended.
Thank you for your application.
Please wait for a while until the results are announced.

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Application Process

Follow the official account of the Ride with KYOTO Promotion Council on Instagram!
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The "photos that express the appeal of bicycles and spots of nature, history, food, traditions, etc." and "photos that express the joy of bicycling."
Preference will be given to photos showing "bicyclists (individuals, partners, family members, friends, etc.)"!
Post your photo with the following tags

Attractive captions (descriptions) are also requested!

A gift of an assortment of local products from within the prefecture!

After review by the Ride with KYOTO Promotion Council, a direct message will be sent to the winners' accounts from the official Instagram. The 10 winners will receive an assortment of Kyoto Prefecture's specialties.


Please apply after agreeing to the following notes.
Your actual submission constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions.

  1. Entries must be unpublished or not scheduled for publication. However, works posted on personal, non-commercial websites or social networking sites may be submitted.
  2. Entries must not infringe on the copyrights, portrait rights, or any other legal rights of third parties, or the honor or privacy of third parties. * If your work (i) contains a copyrighted work of another person or (ii) contains a portrait of another person, please obtain the prior consent of the copyright holder or the person whose portrait is to be included in the work (or the guardian of the applicant if the applicant is under 20 years of age) before submitting the work.
  3. Any problems that may arise with third parties regarding the entries shall be the responsibility of the entrant and the organizer and the secretariat will not be held liable.
  4. The submitted works may be used in publications, websites, advertisements, promotions, etc. of the organizer and organizations approved by the Conference, and the submitter grants permission to use the rights under the Copyright Act, whether in Japan or abroad, and shall not exercise moral rights of authorship.
  5. Submissions with private accounts or without hashtags will not be considered for the contest.
  6. Multiple applications from the same account will be accepted.
  7. If no reply is received within seven 7 days after notification of the prize, the prize will be considered withdrawn.

  • You can submit photos taken in the past or multiple photos.
  • If you have unfollowed the official account or deleted the hashtag/post by the end of the contest (completion of shipping prizes, etc.), you will not be eligible for judging.

Ride with KYOTO Promotion Council (Secretariat Road Management Division, Construction and Transportation Department, Kyoto Pref.)





5th Period Results

Apr. 1, 2023 ▶ May 31, 2023

Thank you for your many applications!

Prize period winning works

  • yamato_irievibes
    Location: Uji River (Uji City)

  • uselessmamoru
    Location: Arashiyama (Kyoto City)

  • kenji2293
    Location: Carp streamers at Taisho Pond (Ide Town)

  • shimak_road
    Location: Kyoto Tower (Kyoto City)

  • papamedaka_kcm
    Location: Nana-tani forest road (Kameoka City)

  • genkimorimori61
    Location: Uji-Kisen Bridge (Uji City)

  • akiakihero
    Location: Tea plantation in Wazuka Town (Wazuka Town)

  • sato_kun_hai
    Location: Ono Dam (Nantan City)

  • golicemen
    Location: Maizuru Red Brick Park (Maizuru City)

  • tackkkkkey
    Location: Shirakawa (Kyoto City)

A gift of 3,000 yen worth of assorted prefectural specialties!

Winners will receive 3,000 yen worth of assorted prefectural specialties!
Winners will be notified separately via direct message from the official Instagram of the Ride with KYOTO Promotion Council.

  • apollo510
    Location: Yuhigaura (Kyotango City)

  • ootaman72
    Location: Foggy Terrace (Kameoka City)

  • ______jin_______
    Location: Boathouse Village (Ine Town)

  • kuchiyosekaizyu
    Location: Tantetsu Cycle Train (Miyazu City)

  • kazuki314
    Location: Neighborhood bakery (Muko City)

  • noo_nn_oon
    Location: Yase Maple Path (Kyoto City))

  • ponsejun5011
    Location: Kazando (Kyoto, Japan)

  • yamato_irievibes
    Location: Obakusan Manpukuji Temple (Uji City)

  • uselessmamoru
    Location: Keinawa Bicycle Path (Kyoto City)

  • ramune_rider
    Location: Kuwayama Shrine (Kameoka City)

  • t.tsujimoto1120
    Location: Eizan Train Cycle Train (Kyoto City)

  • simonissimo75
    Location: Bamboo Path (Muko City)

  • shieshie7799
    Location: Japanese Oni Exchange Museum (Fukuchiyama City)

  • cyclefreek_pedalpushers
    Location: Kyoto Tower (Kyoto City)

  • m_k_dreamlights
    Location: Sunflower field (Yawata City)

  • stokedcycle
    Location: Kanbara Bridge (Ayabe City)

  • hirano_yukari_official
    Location: Ine Boathouses (Funaya)(Ine Town)

  • itoi_power
    Location: Kyoto of the Sea (Kyotango City)

  • genkimorimori61
    Location: Uji Park (Uji City)

  • enishi.handmade.cyclecap
    Location: Deep in the mountains of KyotoTanba (Nantan City)

  • ______jin_______
    Location: Hamazume Sunset Hill (Amino-cho, Kyotango City)

  • ryo_._san
    Location: Boathouse (Ine Town)

  • papamedaka_kcm
    Location: Sugasaka Pass (Maizuru City)

  • kuchiyosekaizyu
    Location: Arashiyama Kimono Forest (Kyoto City)

  • kenji2293
    Location: Rokusonno Shrine (Kyoto City)

  • ayako6009785
    Location: Goro Sky Tower (Maizuru City)

  • blue_dragon_tango
    Location: Tango Peninsula (Kyotango City)

  • yasuao0122
    Location: Kameoka Fog Terrace (Kameoka City)

  • hiton_3
    Location: Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine (Nagaokakyo City)

  • hanako.k0417
    Location: Ouchi Pass Ichijikan Park (Yosano Town)

  • daihide555
    Location: Tango Peninsula (Kyotango City)

  • i.akira_1984
    Location: kifune shrine (kyoto City)

  • 091ken1
    Location: Sonne und Glück (Kyotanba Town)

  • tk_tcr
    Location: Miyama Thatched Roof Village (Nantan City)

  • enishi.handmade.cyclecap
    Location: Bamboo Path (Muko City)

  • shimak_road
    Location: Saga Toriimoto (Kyoto City)

  • lovenikon
    Location: Mt. Mantoro (Ide Town)

  • papamedaka_kcm
    Location: Kizu River Cycling Road (Yawata City)

  • kenji2293
    Location: Tea plantation in Ishidera (Wazuka Town)

  • m_k_dreamlights
    Location: Enpukuji Temple (Yawata City)

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