Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours

Embark on a cycling tour exploring the spiritual essence of Kyoto!

Kyoto’s “shadow”
Closing in on the true identity of the “Oni”
5 Nights 6 Days Cycling Tour

Tracing back the mysterious history rooted in Kyoto
3 Nights 4 Days Cycling Tour

What is Kyoto Spiritual Tour?

The e-Bike tour will take visitors around Kyoto, focusing on spots associated with Japan’s unique “Oni Culture”. Oni are mysterious beings that are known as evil beings, but are also sometimes regarded as gods that protect people or as human beings themselves. Kyoto is also a place with many legends of Oni.
In “Kyoto Spiritual Tours,” participants will visit Oni spots to learn about Oni that have supported the “shadow” part of Japanese history and beliefs. The tour also includes a bike ride to see the beautiful scenery of the satoyama and the Sea of Japan, a delicious meal, and an experience of Kyo yuzen dyeing using a stencil specially designed for this tour.

Farm villages & Sea of Japan
Enjoy the city, mountains, and ocean of Kyoto!
Cycling tour to experience Japanese culture
and nature through all five senses

Cycling from Kyoto City to the Sea of Japan

Along the route connecting Kyoto and the Sea of Japan, many towns have been formed since ancient times and still retain their characteristics. It is also the best cycling route to enjoy Kyoto’s nature and culture. Starting from Kyoto City, enjoy the changing scenery of satoyama, mountains, rivers, and the sea with cycling!

Oni no Kyoto

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