【Oni no Kyoto】
Going by E-Bike! Mt. Oe Guided Tour


  • Distance26 km
  • Elevation Gain490 m
  • Level★☆☆☆☆
  • People
    1~6 persons
  • Number of Days
    3.5 hrs
  • Price
    13,000 yen ~
  • e-Bike and equipment rental available

Mt. Oe Ride Unravels the Legend of Japanese Oni

Mt. Oe, located in northern Kyoto, has been feared since the ancient capital as a place inhabited by Oni. It has been depicted in various stories and picture scrolls, such as the tale of the defeat of Shuten-Doji, the most feared Oni of all, and is famous, for example, for Dojikiri-Yasutsuna, one of the five swords under heaven. The mysterious vegetation and atmosphere of the area, where silver, copper, and nickel are mined, evoke the awe and mystery of the ancient people. A local guide will take you on an e-bike tour of the legend of Oni and the sights of Mt. Oe.

●This tour features

  • You can see and learn about the most famous of all Japanese Oni legends, the Mt. Oe Oni legend, at the site.
  • The mountain paths are climbed with breaks, so even beginners can feel comfortable!

●Recommended for these people

  • Those interested in Oni and historical lore.
  • For those who want to experience riding an E-MTB.

Tour Course

  • Meet at Roadside Station Umi-no-Kyoto Miyazu

    Address: 3007 Hamacho, Miyazu City, Kyoto

    For those coming by car, the roadside station is just off the Miyazu-Amanohashidate IC. Those coming by train can also meet at Miyazu Station.

  • Climbing Mt. Oe by E-Bike

    Climb 400 meters in height with rest stops along the way.
    We will use E-MTBs, which have the largest torque in the country, so even beginner customers (as long as they can ride a non-motorized bike normally) can climb.

  • Rest & Tour at the Oni Museum

    Address: 909 Busshoji, Oe-cho, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto

    We will stop at the Japanese Oni Exchange Museum.
    This is a museum specializing in Oni with materials related to Oni from all over Japan and the world. It exhibits and introduces the legend of Oni from Mt. In the garden, a huge oni tile weighing 10 t, the Oeyama Heisei Oni, sits.

  • Tour the ruins of Oni

    Mt. Oe, which boasts a history of more than 1,000 years, has left behind a variety of relics.
    The Miyazu Highway, which was built in the Edo period (1603-1867) and was used for the Edo period, is one of the most interesting spots, with its stone pavements from that period still remaining.

  • Ama-no-Iwato Shrine, one of the largest power spots in the region

    Address: 206, Aza Hiuragatake, Bushoji Temple, Oecho, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto

    Mt. Oe is home to a shrine called Motoise Naiku Shrine.
    It is revered as the place where Amaterasu once descended to earth before she was relocated to Ise Jingu Shrine.
    Among them, the Ama-no-Iwato Shrine is a very mysterious place, surrounded by huge rocks and standing against a quiet mountain stream.

  • Goal at Oe Station

    Address: Komori, Oecho, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto

    The Tango Railway's rapid train also stops at this station, and there are souvenirs related to Oni.

  • "Shokudo Mt. Oeyama", eat oni soba on the way home

    Address: 1956 Komori, Oecho, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto

    Although not included in the tour, it is recommended to have Oni soba (buckwheat noodles) on the way home, which is associated with Oni.
    There are several restaurants in the area, including those in front of the station, that serve oni soba (buckwheat noodles). Since it contains a lot of buckwheat hulls, it is black and has a hard texture, so it has been popular since the Edo period, when it was said to be the soba eaten by Oni.
    Tempura of wild vegetables and dishes using local ingredients are also delicious.

Tour Details

  • Tour Title 【Oni no Kyoto】Going by E-Bike! Mt. Oe Guided Tour
  • Schedule 3.5 hours
  • Meet up Roadside Station Umi-no-Kyoto Miyazu
    3007 Hamacho, Miyazu City, Kyoto
  • Dismiss on site Oe station
    409-2 Komori, Oecho, Fuchiyama City, Kyoto
  • Recruitment status Now recruiting
  • Price Basic fee 9,000 yen + 4,000 yen x number of persons
    1person: 13,000 yen
    2persons: 17,000 yen
    3persons: 21,000 yen
    4persons: 25,000 yen
    5persons: 29,000 yen
    6persons: 33,000 yen
  • Fee includes E-Bike, Equipment rental
  • Personal belongings and other items Clothing suitable for cycling
  • Application Please apply using the application form.

Tour Application & Inquiries

Please feel free to consult with us first!