The Chutan area is near satoyama,
and offers easy road trips

Adachi Toru


Adachi Toru

Representative of STOKEDCYCLE Bicycle sales, mechanic, tour guide, tour support, race support, etc.

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A place where you can enjoy various cycling activities

I am Adachi of STOKEDCYCLE, a bicycle store in Fukuchiyama.
We have a variety of customers, from heavy cyclists to students, and we have received positive feedback that the Fukuchiyama, Ayabe, and Maizuru areas are truly places where you can enjoy a variety of cycling activities.

Practice in a rich natural setting

Fukuchiyama and Ayabe are connected to the sea by the Yura River, a very large and beautiful river, and you can ride a bicycle along the river comfortably.
From Ayabe, the scenery is peaceful and satoyama-like, and you can pass through the Ayabe hot springs to the military port town of Maizuru. From Maizuru to Fukuchiyama is a flat ride with the ocean and the Yura River. This 100-kilometer bike path connecting Fukuchiyama, Ayabe, and Maizuru is called the "Yurari Bike Path" and is ideal for beginners. For mountain lovers, the dirt road in the area of Kaminobayashi, east of Ayabe, is also recommended.

Moderate coexistence of rural and urban areas

What I like most about Chutan is that "the countryside and the city coexist in good harmony. You can ride through satoyama like Ayabe's Kamibayashi and eat gibier and locally grown vegetables, ride through Maizuru's military port and eat navy curry and oysters from an oyster hut, or ride through Fukuchiyama castle town and eat chestnut sweets and jidori chicken dishes. It is an area where you can enjoy both countryside rides and town rides, and beginners and advanced riders alike will never get tired of it, no matter how many times they ride. And Fukuchiyama has very good transportation access. It is easily accessible from both Osaka and Kyoto by train and expressway, and can be reached in about an hour by limited express train, express bus, or your own car. Please come and visit us.