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Kyoto Women's University
Cycling Club


Kyoto Women's University Cycling Club

Once a week, we ride cross bikes to tour around Kyoto.
Rather than participating in road races, each club member rides at his or her own pace in order to improve physical fitness and sightseeing in Kyoto. We go to Heian Shrine, Kyoto Zoo, Arashiyama, Ginkakuji Temple, and other places the club members want to visit.

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Attraction of Touring Kyoto by Bicycle

Kyoto is a compact city, so you can get relatively anywhere by bicycle. There are many sightseeing spots, and you can enjoy the four seasons without getting bored. Kyoto also has many attractive gourmet restaurants, which you can enjoy even if you just drop by by bicycle. Bicycles are an easy way to change speeds and paths depending on your mood, and you can directly feel the wind and air of Kyoto, making it a great way to change your mood.

It is easy for students to get started!

Bicycles do not cost much to maintain and are easy for students to start riding. Bicycles can be customized freely in terms of color, parts, etc., so you can get attached to your bicycle. In particular, Kyoto has many bicycle lanes, so even beginners can enjoy riding a bicycle with ease. The streets of Kyoto are laid out in a grid pattern, making it easy to reach your destination, and you will learn something new about Kyoto every time you ride. You will also naturally gain physical strength, so even those who tend to lack exercise can easily get started.

Feel Kyoto on Your Skin

A popular route within the Department is along the Kamo River. Since the Kamo River has a straight road, you can relax while pedaling your bicycle. It is very relaxing to see ducks and their parents in the river. Many people picnic under the trees, and a peaceful time passes by.
The atmosphere of Kyoto changes completely depending on the area. You can feel it firsthand when you ride a bicycle, so please ride a bicycle when you come to Kyoto.