Roads with different expressions in each place,
beautiful scenery along the sea

Kobayashi Takahiro


BLUE DRAGON Representative Kobayashi Takahiro

About 10 years ago, several local road bike enthusiasts formed a cycling team. The team was named "BLUE DRAGON" because of the color of the Tango Blue sea and the many anecdotes about dragons in the Tango area.
Recently, the team has been participating in mowing the grass along the roadside as a way of giving back to the community in which they ride.
When you ride in the Tango area, we will lead you, as we love "Tanichi (Tango round-the-town)"!


Attraction of "Tanichi"

Cycling around the Tango Peninsula, or " Tanichi" as it is called, is a round-the-peninsula trip that takes in the beautiful scenery along the coast and allows you to ride long stretches along the coast. I have cycled to many places, but there are only a few that fit this description.
Another attraction is that you can return to your starting point after a round trip. If you take a short circuit, the distance is 80 kilometers, and if you make a big loop around Kumihama, or include mountain trails such as the Koshi Plateau or Oe Mountain, the distance and intensity are unlimited.
In addition, there are few traffic lights and the roads are well paved, making it very easy to drive. Recently, the Blue Line has been drawn, which is much appreciated by those who come here for the first time.

Beautiful scenery appears one after another like turning a page

It is like a beautiful peninsula in a box, with each place having a different look: the calm Kumihama area, the Tango Town area with its masculine ups and downs, and the flat road along the sea from Ine Town to Amanohashidate, where the climate is mild east of Kamanyu.
The mountain route from Miyazu to Mt. Oe has a good reputation among climbers, and there is also a 40-km mountain road called the Tango Longitudinal Forest Road, where you can see the Noto Peninsula and Mt. Haku.

Let's "tanichi" together!

Every Friday morning at 4:00 a.m., I go for a "Tanichi" with my friends. We always stop at the same places, such as Oiwa (big rock) on Kamaya Beach and Norihara Mountain, but the view of the ocean is different each time, and we never get tired of gazing at the horizon and losing track of time.
Many repeaters come back for "Tanichi," and even friends who have moved away from their hometowns come back for "tanichi" during consecutive holidays and the Bon Festival. We have a wide variety of course combinations, and we can always suggest a fresh route when asked for directions. We also offer "Tanichi Rides" on an irregular basis, so please take a look at our Instagram page!