Many courses to enjoy nature and culture

Komasaki Hirotaka
Komasaki kumiko


Komasaki Hirotaka and Komasaki kumiko

The couple share a common hobby of bicycling. Both are hearing impaired and belong to a team of the Japan Cycling Association for the Deaf. The husband and wife are referees for the Kyoto Cycling Federation. The husband is a big fan of cyclo-cross competitions. He enjoys practicing and cycling with his wife from spring to fall. His wife has her sights set on officiating the cycling events at the Deaflympics to be held in Tokyo in 2025.


Always start at Sakura deai-kan

We live in Yawata City and often go cycling starting from "Sakura deai-kan" in Miyuki-bashi Bridge, known as a Mecca for cyclists. We live in Yawata City and often go cycling, starting at Sakura deai-kan, located on Goko-bashi Bridge, which is known as a mecca for cyclists. From here, we can go to Kyoto City, Osaka, and Nara in three prefectures, and we discuss where to go today before setting out. Hearing-impaired cyclists from around the world sometimes come to Kyoto to ride their bicycles, and we guide them as a couple.

The riverbed of the Uji River

I love how the weather changes when I look out over the vast landscape.
It was a beautiful evening with a curtain of light through the clouds.

We guided a hearing impaired American

Cycling to Wazuka Town

Kyoto seems to be associated with "tea," so I guided them to Wazuka. They were impressed by the splendor of the tea fields in Wazuka, which was chosen as the most beautiful village in Japan. The natural mountains south of Kyoto, with their ups and downs, are different from those in other countries, and they are very pleased with the scenery. A short ride will take you to the World Heritage site of Kyoto City, so I think the appeal of cycling in Kyoto is that there are many courses where you can enjoy nature and culture.