Where you can feel tea naturally

Takenouchi Yu


Takenouchi Yu

Former All-Japan champion cyclist from Kyoto. In addition to his own professional racing activities in Japan and abroad, he also trains younger cyclists as the coach of the Ritsumeikan University Cycling Club, and helps create towns that make use of bicycles to make cycling more accessible to the public. On his days off, he and his wife enjoy cycling together.

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Calm road overlooking tea plantations

For safety reasons, I often choose to ride my bicycle in areas with relatively little traffic, and when I do so, I naturally see tea fields.

A view full of Kyoto-like atmosphere

The location is in the Yamashiro area of Kyoto Prefecture.
The scenery is familiar to me, as I usually ride my bicycle for training. But I am reminded of how Japanese and Kyoto-like it is.
When a friend from overseas came to Japan, I showed him around the Yamashiro area. They enjoyed the grandeur of the tea plantations and the old Japanese townscape very much.

Post-ride break with tea at Yamashiro

The Yamashiro area has the Kizu River Bicycle Path, which provides easy access from urban areas to mountainous areas and regions with tea fields. It is a slow and safe ride and is recommended for those who want to enjoy bicycling for the first time. There are also cafes scattered throughout the area, making it a fun place to ride.
I often ride with my wife to the Yamashiro area, and on the way home, we enjoy a cup of tea and sweet treats to relax. The atmosphere of a place can only be experienced and enjoyed by bicycle. The scenery is nostalgic.
Please come and ride in the Yamashiro area where you can feel close to nature and tea.