Kyoto Tamba is the best place to practice

Higashiura Atsushi


Higashiura Atsushi

In 2017, he moved to Nantan Goma and simultaneously founded GOMA (derived from the name of the place), a web design and direction business. In addition to his work, he enjoys Kyoto Tamba as a cyclist and triathlete. This year, he participated in the Kyoto-Tamba Triathlon, which he had longed to do.

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Every weekend fun

The reason for moving to the Tamba area of Kyoto was my weekly weekend cycling. From the starting point in Kameoka, 30 km one way, we arrive at our destination, a German bakery. An enjoyable route to fill our stomachs and return home. After moving to the area, the distance to the bakery is now 2 km, but I now have the pleasure of cycling there with my now 4-year-old son.

Kyotanba route ideal for medium to long distances

The Kameoka-Nantan-Kyotamba route is characterized by safe roads with few traffic lights and little traffic. The route is ideal for medium- to long-distance runs because of the pleasant feeling of riding side by side amid satoyama scenery, the flat, straight roads through the rice paddies, and the moderate number of stops and rest spots. Running along the satoyama area, you can practice running up and down hills, so the route can be tailored to your preferences.
Now that Tamba, Kyoto has become our starting point, we are never short of fun as we go for a ride and discover roads we didn't know existed and new stores that have opened up.
Last year, I started running marathons, which I started for the purpose of physical fitness, thinking that running along the bicycle route would be like running, and I conquered swimming, which I could not do because there was a practice pool nearby, and am now taking up triathlons in earnest. I am grateful for the environment that allows me to start at home and challenge myself in various cycling events.