It is also a pleasure to go off route
and visit different places

Yamagishi Masanori


Yamagishi Masanori

JPF Co., Ltd. Former bicycle racer. He has been involved in various events at JPF to promote cycle sports from a bicycle racecourse. Coach of Cycling Club of Kyoto Sangyo University Athletic Association. Public Interest Incorporated Foundation / Japan Sports Association / Certified Coach Public Interest Incorporated Foundation / Japan Cycling Federation / Certified Referee Level 2


Sakuradeai-kan, a base for cyclists

The Kyoto-Yawata-Kizu Bicycle Path, the main route for cycling in southern Kyoto, runs 45 km from Arashiyama to Kizu, allowing cyclists to enjoy various spots along the route. One of the main points along the route is the Sakuradeai-kan, located at the confluence of the three Yodo Rivers (Uji, Katsura, and Kizu), which attracts many visitors during the cherry blossom season. Cycling is not limited to a predetermined route; it is also a real pleasure to go off the route and visit various places, such as Ishimizu Hachimangu Shrine near Sakuradeai-kan or crossing the Yamashiro Bridge to the tea village of Wazuka.

Hands-on experience at Kyoto Mukomachi Bicycle Race Track

Otokuni (Oyamazaki Town, Nagaokakyo City, and Muko City) on the west side of the Katsura River has many tourist attractions. The Kyoto Mukoichi Bicycle Racetrack in Mukoichi City has the only "bank" (a dedicated track for bicycle track competitions) in the prefecture, and many people enjoy riding on the bank once a month, with fixed-gear bicycles available for rent.

In addition, Cycle Park Kyoto, a dedicated park for BMX freestyle and park events that have become popular recently, is also located within the racecourse, where visitors can experience urban sports BMX (see the Kyoto Mukomachi Bicycle Race Track website for information on banked riding experiences and park use).